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Websites that range from friends of mine, to information that could be helpful, to people I just plain respect. Click on names to visit them.

To Worship Would Be Wrong
FatChance BellyDance  —

Carolena Nericcio's San Francisco-based troupe that started the whole American Tribal Style bellydance movement.

Unmata —

Bellydance taken to the extreme. Lovely grrrls.

Aziza —

Now living in Montreal, she dances with such grace, that unmistakeable smile and a mischievous arched eyebrow.

Jillina —

Director of Bellydance Evolution, Sahlala Dancers, and former artistic director for The Bellydance Superstars.

Rachel Brice —

A special place exists in Valizan's heart for The High Princess of Tribal bellydance.

Carolena Nericcio at the FatChance Studio, 2008.

Dancing Men
Jim Boz —

Built like a biker, dances like he stepped off a boat from Cairo. San Diego Raks master is a nice guy and great teacher.

Tarik Sultan —

Carries the banner of men who do Egyptian.

Viraj —

Buffed and polished dancer based in Edmonton, AB.

Prince Andrew —

The “Little Prince” does Bellydance, classical Indian dance and Bollywood in Los Angeles.

Serkan —

Turkish bellydancer dancing in Belgium.

Özgen Ozgec —

Talented Turkish dancer based in the U.K.

Zorba —

THE place to start if you are doing research into men who bellydance. Zorba has links to practically everyone.

Jim Boz at BellyUp Gala in Oakville, Canada 2008.

I just like’s 'em!
Laura Selenzi —

A compatriot from The Arabesque Dance Company, and half of Cabaret Serpentine based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Saba —

Yet another Arabesque Dance Company troupemate. The word “elegant” comes to mind when I see Ethiopian-born Saba bellydance. She also heads up Jaivah (Nouvel Expose) her African dance troupe.

Chemagne —

This power-packed dancer is also a body-builder and teaches Suhaila Salimpour format as part of her Toronto classes.

Roula Said —

One of Valizan's first teachers. Roula pushes the envelope of bellydance by creating untraditional works with traditional materials.

Jocelyne Khan —

Kindness only surpassed by her knowledge: Folklores? Egyptian Style? This is the lady. Find her in Ottawa.

Hugging Jillina after The Bellydance Superstars rocked Toronto in 2007.

Hannan Sultan —

Dark, funny and beautiful, this student of Aziza made her mark in Toronto, bought Bhuz.com and then moved to North Carolina.

Khizmet —

Mizz Khizz does it all, from beautiful Egyptian Bellydance to Poi. This lady is a joy to watch dance.


Northern quartet brings their accumulated dance experience together to present a new view on bellydance to Sudbury, ON.

Raks Jaded —
Relativity Bellydance —

Buffalo, New York American Tribal Style Troupe lead by Diana Miranda-Gaeddart.

Shaia Fahrid —

Soloist, Artistic director of Serpentine Dream and all-male bellydance troupe Extreme Taqsim. Raks on Milwaukee.

Safa —

Currently dancing in Perth, Australia, Safa is a close friend of Valizan, and a former member of Khafif Music & Dance.

Blue Lotus Tribe —

Chicago-based Tribal troupe are friends of mine from the SCA. Energetic without ever being sloppy.

Christina —

Blue Lotus girl in Chicago also dances as an Egyptian soloist.

Ziah Ali (Awalim) —

Creator of Tribalcon. Think Star Trek convention for Tribal bellydancers. A knowledgeable dancer.

Zills served to Roula Said backstage at IBCC 2008.

Khafif Music

I've danced to and with Pittsburgh-based Khafif since I first started dancing. Good friends, superb dancers and excellent musicians playing classic Arabic, Balkan and Eastern music.

Ocean Fire  —

This Ottawa-area Tribal Fusion artist offers dance classes, Yoga and her Shakti Fusion troupe.

Tamarind Tribal —

Elizabeth Fish leads this Milwaukee-based ATS troupe.

Samara —

Another talented Arabesque Dance Company compatriot. Sweet, warm, classy and very Ooh, la la!

Toronto Tabla Ensemble —

Ritesh Das leads the TTE as he teaches and performs Tabla, and shares the space with the dancers of M-Do.

Indian Classical dance studio in Toronto, with Joanna DeSouza teaching kathak and directing the Chhandam Dance Company.

M-Do —
Tasa —

Marry Indian music with Jazz and you have Ravi Naimpally's Toronto-based Indian/Jazz fusion band.

Safa, then of Khafif, dancing at an SCA event in 2005.

Gurpreet Chana  - The Tabla

Did a show with Indian drummer Gurpreet and was totally impressed with his skill and musicality on a variety of musical instruments.

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