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Classes & Workshops

Classes all start with a gentle warm-up to get your muscles ready to dance.

Wear clothing you will be comfortable moving and dancing in. You are welcome to wear your full skirts, a comfortable top and loose, comfortable workout pants. And perhaps a scarf on your hips as an accent. For footwear, you can have bare feet, socks or dance shoes if you need support. No street shoes in any of the studios, please. Finger cymbals (zills) will be necessary a couple weeks in.

Class schedule valid as of July 3rd, 2019.

The only true registration is a paid registration.

Class must be paid for in advance. Drop-in classes are at Valizan's discretion. Contact me in advance, please.

Please note there are no refunds once registration is paid.

Atlas Studio

18 Ainslie St. South Unit B. Cambridge, ON.
N1R-3K1. (Entrance at back of building!)


Formations And Flow™ is a quick three-class session before classes are on hiatus until September.

is simple. Valizan will dance and you will follow. No formations, no leader change, NO TALKING! just release yourself to ATS bliss. Segments run 15ish minutes with a quick water/rest break. Bring water, you'll need it.

Formations goes over some fun ATS formations like Chevrons, Cafe Format and Frame formation.

Each class is an hour and a half, with a gentle warm-up and some open dance. Not suitable for those with no ATS dance experience.

Price: $60. 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Pre-Registration is a must, as class will not run without requisite number of students. You do not have to attend all classes, but you must pre-pay. Drop-ins will pay $25.


Wednesday July 10th — Flow
Wednesday July 17th — Formations
Wednesday July 24th — Flow

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